Tasty & healthy food at work, with ease

A personalized range of fresh, tasty & healthy food from local producers, always within reach on the work floor. With Foodm’s smart fridge & app.

This is how it works

  • Smart fridge

    In the fridge you will find a personalized range of tasty, healthy and fresh food, supplied by a local food supplier, 24/7.

  • App

    With the app, fridge users can indicate dietary preferences, view the products in the fridge, open the fridge, and pay with ease.

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Flexible product range

The fridge is not tied to a particular assortment. We look for the local food professional who best suits the taste buds in your company.

A local food professional knows best what their local customers want, as flavors differ from region to region.

And if a certain cuisine or specific diet is a favorite in your company, the search can of course also be focused on that.

zalmsteak erwtenstoemp van fit & fresh
persoon die de app gebruikt voor de frigo


We install the fridge, onboard the staff, and provide prompt service in the event of problems.

Besides that, the food supplier keeps the fridge stocked.

So as a company you don’t have to worry about the fridge or the food, and you can focus on work.

Healthy workplace

The easiest path is the most traveled. 

Therefore, make it most easy to enjoy delicious fresh and healthy food together with colleagues by offering it in the workplace itself.

This increases the attractiveness of the workplace and boosts well-being (and with that productivity) through the positive effects of healthy food and collegiality.

twee werknemers die gezellig samen lunchen
Mexican chicken taco
Poké bowl thaise kip
Kippengyros in bakje

Photos and dishes from Fit & Fresh

Curious what kind of goodies you can find in the Foodm fridge?

Start up

The following steps are taken to get a Foodm fridge in your company

1. Get acquainted

We like to get to know each potential customer well. And that they get to know the Foodm concept.

2. Foodm looks for food

If there is a match, we will start the search for the ideal local food professional.

3. Install the fridge

All parties happy & ready? We will install the fridge and make sure everyone knows how it works.

4. First delivery

The food supplier starts deliveries.


Get acquainted?

Do you want a Foodm fridge at your workplace or more info? Don’t hesitate to submit the form! We’ll get back to you within 48 hours.