the story
& people
behind Foodm

The beginning

How do we offer employees more comfort in the workplace? That is what friends and colleagues Bram & Mathias asked themselves in the summer of 2020.

That’s why they jumped in a Bryo StandUp project at Voka together. The Foodm concept gradually came to life.

It soon became clear that their passion for entrepreneurship and their common goal could not be contained. Foodm was founded in May 2021. The adventure could begin.

2022 will be the year that Foodm will take its place in the market.

Foodm's mission

Foodm strives to make it possible for local producers of tasty and healthy meals to be present 24/7 with the employees at the office, and to deliver exactly that which the employees want to eat.

Are you also passionate about our mission and would you like to contribute to the story? Be sure to check out the career opportunities!

Meet the team

Bram Croon

Co-Founder & COO

Mathias Jennes

Co-Founder & CEO

Tom De Smedt


Nick De Smedt

Back-End Developer (Freelance)

Dennis Van Acker

Lead Mobile Developer


What we find important

Team spirit

Foodm is as strong as every member of the team. We work in function of each other and together we make an incredibly strong whole.


We communicate openly and transparently, both internally and externally.


We have clear ambitions and we want to exceed them. As an ambitious start-up, getting results is super important.

Enjoy the ride

Every day there are ups & downs. We share them with each other. We exude a positive atmosphere and countless learning opportunities.