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Our partners are food professionals who share our values of health and sustainability and who want to sell their products via a smartfridge.

Are you also one of those?

What you can expect from Foodm

Carefree renting

You don’t buy the smartfridge, but rent it. So no upfront investment and we take care of the maintenance.

Customer app

We have a very user-friendly mobile app for your customers, with which they can serve themselves from the smartfridge.

Management tools

We offer an online portal with all the tools for managing the smartfridge, such as real-time stock monitoring.

Data insights

With data insights about consumption, you know exactly what and when you need to restock the smartfridge.

kok aan het werk in de keuken
Bert from Fit & Fresh, partner of Foodm

Why sell via Foodm smartfridge?

It’s no news that the world is constantly changing.

Nowadays people expect fast service from caterers at any time of the day. And the workplace is no longer the place where everyone is present from 9 to 5, but is increasingly becoming a meeting place.

How do you best respond to these developments as a caterer? By being present at the office 24/7 and having ready what people feel like eating, of course! But how do you do that?

With Foodm! We connect food professionals with businesses on a local scale.

With the Foodm smartfridge you manage your food on the work floor as if it were your own small shop.

Specialisation & collaboration are the keys to growth. 

We take care of the technology, so that you can better focus on preparing delicious and healthy food.

With our Foodm app, consumers serve themselves with the smartfridge. So, as a food professional,  you don’t have to worry about that.

In addition, we provide an information portal with sales overviews and forecasts, generated by our data analyses. This way you get to know your customers to better respond to their wants and to deliver as efficiently as possible.

closup food keuken
Fit & Fresh, partner of Foodm

Get acquainted?

Do you want to offer your food in a Foodm smartfridge or just want some more info? Don’t hesitate to submit the form! We’ll get back to you within 48 hours.