Curious how
the Foodm app & fridge work?

The process in a quick bite

  1. scan the QR code on the fridge with the app to open the fridge
  2. scan your products with the app
  3. pay with the app


The Foodm app

The Foodm app facilitates the use of the Foodm fridge.

With the app you do the following things:

  • You indicate your dietary preferences & intolerances , so that the product range of the refrigerator can be tailored to the needs of the workplace
  • You can see the contents of the fridge at any time of the day
  • You unlock the fridge
  • You fill your “basket”
  • You pay contactlessly
  • You view your spending history

Download the app

The Foodm fridge

The food supplier keeps the fridge stocked with fresh, tasty and healthy food, 24/7.

The range is easily personalized by the preferences that the fridge users indicate in the app.

In addition, Foodm offers the supplier sales insights and forecasts to respond even better to the needs.

The supplier can also easily give a discount on soon-expiring food, to further minimize waste.