The Advantages
of Foodm

Collegiality & health

The Foodm frigo promotes well-being in two ways.

Firstly: healthy food is one of the pillars for the assortment that you will find in the Foodm fridge.

And secondly: sitting down together for a meal contributes to happiness. It offers a moment of relaxation, creates a sense of security and increases productivity. So by making this easier, it will be done more often, which also helps health.

Advantages for the employee:

  • A stronger immune system lowers the risk of chronic and infectious diseases
  • Higher energy, concentration and productivity levels make you feel better
  • A positive working atmosphere stimulates the team spirit

Advantages for the employer:

  • Better productivity makes your team do more in less time
  • A positive corporate image reduces employee turnover and makes it easier to attract the right talent
  • Lower costs due to illness or absenteeism. Absenteeism costs a company with fifty employees on average €75,252 per year

Attractive workplace

Getting people to make the trip to the office is becoming increasingly difficult. Many prefer working remotely and the convenience it brings. As a company, you will therefore have to make the workplace attractive to get people out of their pajamas and into the workplace.

Foodm helps to turn your workplace into a place to meet with colleagues..

On the one hand, because of the appeal of the personalized range of fresh, tasty and healthy food. And on the other hand, because it makes it easy to take a quick break together and grab a snack or enjoy a meal. This unites people around the kitchen table, which strengthens the mutual bond and corporate culture.

Contribute to sustainability

Sustainability is a hot topic. In addition to taking care of themselves, people also consider taking care of the planet increasingly important. And with that, the expectations for companies to participate in this are rising.

Foodm makes it easy toact sustainablyregarding food. We work with local food suppliers and as a result:

  • we keep the distance short between food production and consumption
  • we help optimize food production
  • we meet the needs of every employee with only a few deliveries per week

The war for talent

The above three points are worth pursuing in themselves, but what they also all help with is the war for talent.

It is not easy to attract and retain talent these days. Increasing the well-being of employees, making the workplace more attractive, and promoting sustainability are assets in this area.

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