Our sustainable collaboration with leading company Agristo.

At Foodm we are delighted about our partnership with Agristo, a company based in Wielsbeke.

Agristo is a family business that was founded in 1986 and has since grown into an international player with more than 1000 employees. The company specializes in potatoes, croquettes and of course the famous French fries that we all love! As a result, we are naturally delighted that their feedback about our smartfridges is so positive, for which we would like to thank Erwin Deloor for. Agristo has been able to expand to four (!) branches in 27 years and we are proudly stationed at their headquarters in Wielsbeke. We remain committed to supplying the best smartfridges to our customers.

Our client feels lucky to have simplicity in the contract, where there is a fixed monthly rent without extra costs for the company. In addition, Agristo is not only proud of the collaboration with a young start-up like us, but also of the fact that they offer indirect and independent support to the local caterer who supplies their smartfridge with delicious dishes.

We are pleased to hear that Agristo appreciates the continuous monitoring of the purchase, so that the smartfridge can be topped up on the next charge based on the demand of the users. This ensures that we work demand-driven and not supply-driven, which leads to less food waste and more satisfied consumers. . It is also possible to wrap the smartfridge in your own accent colours, as you can see in the photo. This way it fits even better with Agristo’s corporate image. Honestly… it looks amazing, doesn’t it?

Finally, it is good to mention that our smartfridges are completely cashless, which ensures a more efficient and safer way of paying. We want to thank Agristo for the pleasant collaboration.