Our smartfridge is proudly displayed at Groep Huyzentruyt

Our smartfridge is now proudly displayed at Groep Huyzentruyt. ‘Smart fridge’ Groep Huyzentruyt does not have a classic company restaurant, but does not want its employees to work on an empty stomach. To save them some time before, during and after hours, the developer had a smartfridge delivered, which offers no less than 80 meals and (breakfast) snacks. The meals could be chosen by the staff themselves and are offered at interesting prices. For example, you already have a large spaghetti for 5.50 euros and Scampi Diabolique for 13 euros. Foodm donates the leftover meals, free of charge, to the non-profit organization Let’s Save Food in Ghent.

Our colleagues sometimes had to drive their car to the supermarket to get lunch. With that they lost a large part of their break, which is a shame. With the smartfridge, they can choose from both healthy meals and sweet snacks, and they no longer have to cook an evening meal after hours.