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Here you can read the most common questions. Based on who you are, company or Foodm partner, there are other questions.

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Frequently asked questions for businesses

Foodm is the specialist in unmanned and 24/7 corporate catering.
Not by producing their own food but by partnering with local caterers or a kitchen that may be present in the building.

At Foodm, we build the technology (smartfridge and mobile application) needed to provide 24/7 nutrition to employees, visitors or even patients.
Our local kitchen/food partner provides food production and filling in the smartfridge.

By choosing Foodm, you choose for a great added value in the workplace where:

1) you, as a customer, are the focus – both the local partner and the product range are tailored to your wishes and needs

2) conscious choices are made – in terms of ecology, service, food surplus and data privacy

3) you, as a customer, do not need to worry about anything. Together with the Food Partner, we ensure that an ecosystem is created between employee needs and food supply.

Yes, you can!

With the Foodm app, you can pay the meal vouchers Monizze, Sodexo and Edenred.

Here we go over the buying process:

  1. Employees (and possibly visitors) download the Foodm’s free application from the Google Play store or the Apple App Store.
  2. In this app, they create a personal account. This allows them to open the Smartfridge whenever they want and take one or more meals from it.
  3. When one or more meals are taken from the smartfridge, and the door is closed, the Foodm smartfridge will automatically charge the meals to the employee who took the meals (via automatic RFID scanning).
  4. Payment is then contactless with Bancontact, Visa, meal vouchers or another digital payment option.
Maaltijden in de smartfridge

Our system does not allow reservations. We always try to offer the right assortment.

But don’t worry, did you see something you really like? Then quickly just take it out of the smartfridge and place the meal in the standard refrigerator at work.

No. Unlike well-known vending machines, a Foodm Smartfridge does not require you to pay in advance.

You open the smartfridge, for no cost, and you pay only when you have taken a meal or anything else out of it.

The employer pays a fixed monthly cost to Foodm to set up and rent the Foodm ecosystem.

Meals are paid for by the employees themselves. This can be done contactless, through Foodm’s application, with Bancontact, Visa, meal vouchers or another digital payment option.

For more information, book a meeting through this link.

The assortment in your Smartfridge depends on the caterer.

Foodm will start the search, after a conversation with you, for an ideal local Foodm partner for your business.

For more information, book a meeting through this link.

This depends on the needs of the employer and employees, as well as the actual rotation of the assortment in the smartfridge.

If you want more information about how we work, you can use the button on the right to schedule a meeting with us.

Frequently asked questions for Foodm partners

Foodm is a young Ghent-based foodtech company active in the world of corporate catering.
With our technology (smartfridge and mobile application), we ensure that delicious and healthy food can be present in the workplace 24/7.
Unlike our competitors, we only partner with local caterers/kitchens so they can sell their self produced food directly through the workplace smartfridge.

So you can actually think of our smartfridge as a very convenient and extremely local store where the local caterer can sell his/her own food.

Conclusion: the caterer provides the tasty food, Foodm provides the technology.

By starting at new or existing customers through our smartfridge, you open the door to many benefits:

1) You have a 24/7 presence with a local audience of employees. These workers consume more because they do not have to make the effort to order, they also do so multiple times (from morning to evening).

2) Forget the days when you have to drive around every day for way too small orders sometimes. You can fill the Foodm smartfridge optimally for all employees through a few deliveries per week. You deliver when it suits you best (and preferably also when the smartfridge is almost empty 😉 )

3) Through the Foodm management portal you have a view of sales, stock, expected sales of the smartfridge at any time of the day. You can manage your product range and pricing from wherever you are 24/7.

Very easy!

As a food partner, you are responsible for producing and delivering the food.
We give you 24/7 access to our shared smartfridge, you choose what and when to deliver.

Foodm provides the technology, support to the people on the shop floor and payment processing.

Want to find out in more detail how everything works?  Then contact us by email:

To use the Smartfridge, users are asked to create a personal account, with a working email address, on the Foodm app. It is only through this personal account that the user can access the smartfridge. Once a product is taken from the smartfridge, it is automatically scanned and charged.

As long as the user has not paid his/her basket, he/she cannot open the smartfridge anymore.

In addition, customers who have not yet paid will receive a daily reminder.

As a Food Partner, you are the exclusive supplier of our shared smartfridges.
So together we form an ecosystem that allows you to sell your food in a stable way and where the employer and employee are happy with the offer.

You also get access to the management platform where you can track the content of Smartfridges’ with your products. This allows you to see when the Smartfridge needs refilling and what products are in the employees’ taste.

Foodm Applicatie

You can schedule a meeting with us here . That way, we get to know you and you can ask your questions.

You certainly can! We also like to emphasize that your customer, remains your customer.

Contact us through this link and we will be happy to explain it all to you.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if your question is still unanswered.